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Born in New Jersey and raised in a constantly changing environment that developed an unshakable moral character who today believes that humanity has gone too far in their exploitative tirade against the planet which forced him to find new answers in the native indigenous peoples of the world to understand the problem from a higher perspective.

In 2017 commenting on global citizenship he said, "Globcal is not in the space race to reach the cosmos, before mankind goes out to colonize other planets he will need to learn how to live in harmony under sustainable conditions here first, much like the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon, where everyone lives and has always lived peacefully and naturally under the conditions of natural anarchist state made up of over 100 tribes."

He is obviously convinced that the answer to resolving the problems that the greater civilization faces exist among the natural world and these indigenous cultural groups which have existed for thousands of years in Amazonia. He strongly feels and takes a strong stance on protecting these last remaining indigenous tribal groups from further degradation, imperialism, Christianity and genocide.

The greatest living examples in the world of sustainable natural living are now officially endangered by the state, governments, corporations and organizations that are challenging or undermining their rights to self-determination, autonomy and sovereignty within their legal international territories. Globcal International and Col. David Wright are here to help them protect and defend their territories at all costs.

In His Own Words

My grandmother often bought me pictorial encyclopedias at Christmas time, they were probably at that time the least appreciated and most used of all; however they led me to sub-consciously define a plan in life which eventually emerged in natural course taking me to the continent of South America living just a few blocks away from where Simon Bolivar was born, the forefather of seven nations with Marshall Francisco de Miranda under the consultation of Benjamin Franklin leading to the end of the Spanish monarchy and ecclesiastical governance in Latin America.

You might say I am living my dream today with few regrets in my life that I had any control over, I try to practice the most important lessons taught to me, everyday, including the suggestions of my father who taught me to mind my own business and speak up to defend another based on my own moral values and beliefs. As you can see living with those two rules proves that none of us are out of the woods yet and there is still lots of work to be done.

Then there is the chance that some may feel as if my work efforts with the indigenous people are a threat and measures are effecting their corrupt, illegal or otherwise immoral activities. So being here does not feel as safe as my old Kentucky home in Berea, but it is my reality. I am living the adventure most have only seen on television, I have caught anacondas, released baby crocodiles in the Orinoco, and currently raise red-footed and yellow-footed tortoises for reintroduction in areas where their populations have been depleted, tortoises are an important keystone species that create habitat for other species.

So as a general rule to live 'where you want' you need to become part of the community in a very positive way while overlooking impropriety among its members and taking personal steps to make changes occur. This is especially true in the Amazon at Ekobius because we have no government, no police, no written administrative laws or enforcement for civil conduct. In case you are wondering yes there are national laws but most of them do not apply or do not apply in the same way once you pass the military checkpoint. The official procedure for legal authorities to enter indigenous territories in the Amazon is by written order of a judge.

Using Great Advice

Do a good job the first time and don't look back! Most of the things worth doing and seeing are only truly enjoyable the first time (except a few things), this is especially true when we come to understand that it is impossible to travel the entire world, see everything that we may believe we like in life before we die. I always remember this anywhere I go in the world and try to take a different route every place and every time I travel.

It was in 1989 that a man named Edward DuPont invited me to his home after work in Greenville, Delaware; he told me that he sees great potential in me and that I should go out and take all the necessary steps to present my ideals in the best and most gracious way to let the achievements become the celebrity, instead of myself as the person, he assigned me a mentor who was a statesman and diplomat, HE Lawrence Aquadro, Larry as I called him helped me get enrolled in the University of Delaware and the following year he took me to meet the real founder of Earth Day, then Senator Gaylord Nelson. From this point in my life I was recognized in the news and community as a protagonist and activist in a very revolutionary and positive way for the time in the biggest corporate center on the planet, Delaware. I was on top of the game!

I met Mr. DuPont and Ambassador Aquadro because I built a great reputation for being the best communications installation contractor in Delaware when cable, satellite and advanced telecommunications were on the horizon. I made lots of money, charging over $60 per hour. Thanks to the advice and guidance of my mentors and friends I was able to leave the low-voltage engineering industry and organize several widely successful non-profit events over subsequent years leading to the development of one in 1994, Ecology Crossroads which remains semi-active today serving as a springboard for the development of the Globcal International organization, the founding of Ekobius in the Amazon and the formation of the Non-State Network.

Webmaster and Author

David J. Wright is the Webmaster and Author of Creative Works and WebSites at Globcal International, the Non-State Network, the Kentucky Colonelcy website, the American Colonels, the Most Honorable Order of the Transylvania Colonel (MHOTC), Ekobius International, Ecology Crossroads and other WebSites managed by Globcal International. He is also on Blogger where he authors a number of articles and a contributing editor on Wikipedia.

He is registered as an author with an ORCID, ResearcherID on Publons and has a Mendeley profile.

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