Contact Col. David J. Wright

It is no mystery that the Ambassador lives in Venezuela, but moreover he lives off-the-grid at Ekobius, a cooperative division project of Globcal International. The location is also a (Green IC) ecological intentional community collective cultural center developed by international enthusiasts and like-minded investors, in 2018 he brings this and more to the blockchain. Because he lives remotely he is not always very easy to reach, however when he is working on-line (much of the time) he resides in Caracas with his wife and two children while maintaining a hostel for his international visitors.

The property is at the end of the road, for most people his home is unreachable but also the closest point to civilization for his neighbors, because the next 700 kilometers is a wilderness with indigenous peoples in communities that take days to reach requiring visitors to use fluvial river routes and hiking trails. The property serves as a base and the first stop on the way 'to and from' civilization for several thousand families pursuing their lives under threatened but still, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable conditions.

In 2013 the Ambassador established a treaty with local tribes to develop an indigenous heritage monument on adjacent property, then in 2017 he worked out the details with tribal leaders to develop a blockchain land registry and a fiduciary trust being introduced in 2018.

Is Your Contact Friendly or Hostile?

Depending on your intentions the Colonel may or may not want to hear from you, perhaps you are a friend of his, perhaps you insist on contacting him anyway or have a legal demand, wish to present a grievance or have moral dispute with him. If your approach is offensive or relative to Globcal International it is suggested that you contact him through our Ombudsman so the matter can be handled by the organization as a cooperative.

Use the Social Media or Email First

Ambassador Wright is the preferred contact for anyone joining the organization as an ambassador because he is responsible for the subsequent appointments; but with most things in life even becoming an ambassador has its route, course of study, understanding, culture, practice and understanding. While he once allowed several members as volunteers the organization stopped him from engaging new volunteers in 2017 because of liability issues and responsibility.

If you already know the Colonel then you probably know how to reach him directly, he provides his current phone, email and cell contact on his Facebook Public Figure page.

How to send a proposal?

If you do not already know the ambassador he probably will not hear from you unless it involves his peculiar and particular interests. He is not the go to person on all issues and is not too keen on helping people who have placed themselves in irregular situations of poverty involving unsustainable ecosystems. To garner his attention you should spend the time to relate your contact to his professional or personal interests and prepare a well-written letter in English. He has been known to take-up new projects with the right well-prepared and motivated people.