Donate to Philanthropic Causes

Many Indigenous equity based programs such as grassroots movements and civil justice actions require philanthropic support simply because there is no other way to reconcile 500 years of injustice brought by colonialism and settler states. While what happened in history will remain there, both parties, victims and the aggressors must still reconcile and redress the facts based in modern law which requires forgiveness, restitution, reparations and repatriation of cultural and intellectual property when there is no evidence of any tribute. Today this is my struggle to seek justice with good-faith that demonstrates benevolence and continued peace among us all.

Experience Fundraising

In 1989 I attended a certificate curriculum at the University of Delaware in nonprofit management, my greatest focus was the role of the Executive Director and the Development Director which are both roles I retain today as the Founder of Ecology Crossroads and the Secretariat of Globcal International. The Development Director is responsible for developing funding sources and programs; while the Executive Director needs to implement the work approved by the board, with a Program Director, or sometimes, but most frequently developed by volunteer members based on best practice methods and careful decision making. Both roles are absolutely essential.

30 Years Accepting Donations

What I know with 30 years of experience is that, far too often many projects or programs never get the fanfare they deserve, they become idle or complacent; but donors should also know that these are the most worthwhile projects that need the most help. Popular programs operated by big organizations are frequently overfunded while more effective underfunded projects lay dormant, are in waste or are abandoned. Normally good programs develop and move forward despite the lack of funding.

I know this, since 1990 I have had 9 wildly successful campaigns, 1 failed campaign and 15 parked waiting for the right time and synergy. There is really a lot of work that goes into the planning and the details that is appreciated by the better contributors who are not skeptics, however skeptical people are welcome as donors also, they should ask questions and participate, a good organization serves the needs of the donors.

Really though, non-profit organizations jump through many hoops to comply with many special regulations to maintain their legal status with the IRS and good ratings. Donors need to trust the NGO or program they are dealing with and have confidence their donation will be well-spent or in our case well-invested in philanthropy.

Goodwill, Indigenous Philanthropy and Mission Related Investments (MRIs)

My most successful fundraising endeavor was when we gave away free trees across the United States in exchange for a donation. It is a program we repeated for almost 10 years starting in 1990 when we gave away 10,000 tree saplings for Earth Day. Most of the people were unaware that the Community Tree Program was actually an environmental awareness event developed to restore ecological balance in areas affected by global warming and weather related events. To hold these events we needed five 10K sponsors to get started usually the newspaper and people they agree would make good sponsors, aside from that it was always purely apolitical. We gave away a total of 10 million trees!

Now in 2022, we are protecting trees and the wilderness in the Northern Amazon with Indigenous peoples that are trying to preserve their customs, culture and traditions by helping them market their ecosystem services which they provide globally. I have developed a most effective philanthropic and investment tool that will definitively revolutionize our organization's efforts to combat climate change. While we are talking a higher road to selfless philanthropic giving, we are also creating greater rewards for donors which require a higher-level of participation to gain the usufruct benefits.